ALPHA/BETA testing:
Q: How do I become an ALPHA or BETA tester?
A: We generally open up BETA testing to the public on a first come first request basis. ALPHA testers are usually chosen by us from a pool of helpful previous testers. If you are interested in becoming a BETA tester you will need to join the Coconut Amusements Forums and send a PM to one of the admins or Mods or post a message in the forums where we are making the announcement.

Game Questions:
Q: One of your mobile games is asking for permission to access my email/User Info. Why?
A: If the Mobile Game is asking for permission for your email or user name it is to allow us to offer you the ability to do at least one of the following, depending on the game, A) Track your score for use on our Coconut Amusements Leaderboards (Coming Soon), B) To allow you to easily create a Coconut Amusements Forum account and/or a Coconut Amusements Game account in one step, versus having to register separately for a forum account and Game account. Both of these are completely optional. If you are concerned about providing the information you are free to decline the permission in the app, it will not affect game play in anyway except as listed here.

Q: When will Paper Puppets v2.0 be released?
A: Currently, v2 is in BETA testing. Released date is tentatively set for March 1, 2018

Q: If I have the currently version of Paper Puppets, will I have to re-purchase the game?
A: No. All current owners will be upgraded at no additional charge. If you are using the current free version you will need to update to latest version for support.