Site Renovations Complete

Site renovations are complete!

Hi Everyone, Shift here, after a much longer than anticipated down time for updates, we are back! You may notice the slightly new look and feel as we tried to bring the site into a little more up-to-date format. The forums are still available though we have cleared the old content and started fresh. If you are looking for something from the old content let me know and I'll see if I can locate it. Most of the info was very outdated and it was becoming a bit nuts trying to update everything from years past, hopefully this will be a much cleaner feel.

Also, if you've signed up before as a beta tester you'll have to register again on the forums, again, clearing out old information. AND speaking of beta testing, we have projects coming up that will be available to test, so, what are you waiting for! Get over and sign up in the forums!

If you have any problems with the site please let us know in the forums.